where historic elegance meets modern luxury

Experience timeless Classic Revival architecture at The Rotunda, adorned with grand Doric columns and Neo-Classicism refinements.

Some of the photos on our website are outdated and from the previous owner. Since then, our venue has undergone significant updates. Explore The Rotunda’s transformation with a tour of our venue. Contact us today!

The Rotunda, a meticulously restored banquet facility, now stands proudly as one of southeastern Wisconsin’s premier event venues. With a rich history, an array of amenities, and an aura of pure luxury, The Rotunda sets the stage for classic-style gatherings accommodating up to 200 guests.

Our centerpiece is a magnificent grand dome, complemented by intricately hand-painted walls. The upper mezzanine offers a splendid vantage point for your guests to admire the room below. Additionally, the upper mezzanine houses a hospitality suite, versatile enough for various occasions. It’s the perfect space for both ceremonies and receptions, offering style and privacy for honored guests to prepare and relax.

Outdoors, our veranda and front steps provide an inviting setting for mingling, sipping cocktails, and enjoying appetizers. The addition of small bistro tables brings a touch of our elegant interior to the open air. The generous front stairway, offering a striking view of the hall’s grandeur, serves as an ideal backdrop for unforgettable photographs.



History of The Rotunda: A Triumph of Architectural Excellence

Crafted from Bedford Limestone, The Rotunda stands as a remarkable exemplar of Classic Revival architecture, enhanced by 20th-century Neo-Classicism refinements. Six fluted Doric columns majestically rise nearly two stories above the expansive curved portico.

A meticulously crafted shallow coffered dome, adorned with copper, pays homage to time-honored traditions of quality and craftsmanship.

The exterior’s harmonious ornamentation extends seamlessly through the vestibule and beyond. The Rotunda boasts a 35-foot lobby, exuding refined elegance. The colonnade of stately two-story red marble columns is crowned with intricately detailed gold capitals.

By day, natural light filters through a stunning stained glass skylight, casting its radiance onto the circular coffered dome. As night falls, tiered gold chandeliers, spanning an impressive four feet in width, envelop the space in a gentle ambiance, infusing warmth into every corner.

Discover What Sets The Rotunda Apart

Timeless Elegance

Beautiful grand dome, painted walls, luxury ambiance.

Seamless Service

Stress-free, attentive team, flawless execution.

Spacious Celebration

250 guests, ample space, unforgettable moments.

Personalized Perfection

Choice of vendors and caterers, unique experiences.

Experience the Elegance

Ready to witness the historic elegance and modern luxury of The Rotunda in person? Schedule your tour today and embark on a journey through our timeless venue.

My wife Melaine and me couldn't be happier with our wedding at The Rotunda. The venue was stylish and clean with the a hint of classical architecture.

Mark Guttu Google, Review

The Rotunda experience was amazing... The venue was stunning! My niece had a Cinderella theme wedding & the atmosphere, presented it all... I will recommend the Rotunda as a *GREAT* venue to all inquiries looking for that exceptional (Banquet Hall)!

Patricia Robertson Google, Review

The Rotunda was the first and only venue we looked at for our wedding. It is absolutely gorgeous! The architecture is so beautiful. Our wedding was about 130 people and we didn't even set up tables on the 2nd floor for guests, so there is plenty of room for more guests.

Katherine Freibergs Google, Review

I was there to deliver a wedding cake. The place is really pretty (probably even better at night!) And the staff was so very helpful, organized and really nice people.

Lori Merner Google, Review