Your Celebration, Our Venue

From birthdays to family reunions, from graduation parties to baby showers, we welcome them all. Your private party, your vision – let The Rotunda be the backdrop to your unique celebration.

At The Rotunda, we are honored to host a wide range of private parties that celebrate life’s most cherished moments. Whether you’re planning an intimate birthday bash, an elegant anniversary soirée, a lively retirement celebration, a memorable engagement party, or any other special occasion, our venue is the perfect canvas for crafting unforgettable experiences.


Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist
Our meticulously restored venue seamlessly combines timeless architectural elegance with a modern touch, providing a unique ambiance for your private gathering. From the grand dome to the hand-painted walls, every corner exudes an aura of sophistication.


Tailored to Your Vision
No two private parties are the same, and at The Rotunda, we understand that your event should reflect your style and preferences. We offer a high level of customization, allowing you to design every detail to match your vision, from decor and themes to catering choices and entertainment.


Space for All Your Guests
Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, The Rotunda offers ample space for your loved ones to come together. Our flexible mezzanine provides a splendid vantage point for your guests to enjoy the festivities from above, adding a unique dimension to your event.



Discover What Sets The Rotunda Apart

Timeless Elegance

Beautiful grand dome, painted walls, luxury ambiance.

Seamless Service

Stress-free, attentive team, flawless execution.

Spacious Celebration

250 guests, ample space, unforgettable moments.

Personalized Perfection

Choose any vendor you prefer, unique experiences.

Make Memories that Last a Lifetime with a Private Party

When you're planning a private party, you want it to be more than just an event – you want it to be an unforgettable experience. The Rotunda is your perfect venue for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My wife Melaine and me couldn't be happier with our wedding at The Rotunda. The venue was stylish and clean with the a hint of classical architecture.

Mark Guttu Google, Review

The Rotunda experience was amazing... The venue was stunning! My niece had a Cinderella theme wedding & the atmosphere, presented it all... I will recommend the Rotunda as a *GREAT* venue to all inquiries looking for that exceptional (Banquet Hall)!

Patricia Robertson Google, Review

The Rotunda was the first and only venue we looked at for our wedding. It is absolutely gorgeous! The architecture is so beautiful. Our wedding was about 130 people and we didn't even set up tables on the 2nd floor for guests, so there is plenty of room for more guests.

Katherine Freibergs Google, Review

I was there to deliver a wedding cake. The place is really pretty (probably even better at night!) And the staff was so very helpful, organized and really nice people.

Lori Merner Google, Review